A man on a tractor

The Estate was purchased by Mr C H Gibbon in 1907.  During the 1930's as other small farms became available in the area the business expanded to 1000 acres.  In 1960 and 1961 Henry Gibbon purchased two farms in South Essex near Rochford totaling 940 acres.  When David Gibbon came into the business in 1964 it was turned into a Partnership which comprised Henry Gibbon, David Gibbon, Jane Mitchell and Mrs Betty Gibbon.  Trading as Gibbon Farms. 


David's son Jake came into the business in 2014 and has expanded the business further by contract farming and established a general haulage business.  In total Jake is now farming (which includes contract farming)  approx 3500 acres, we look forward to expanding the business further.  We now offer a full sugar beet service, which includes drilling, harvesting, loading and haulage.



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